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It's that time of the year where it's back to school season! I absolutely love back to school season; I always get this warm cozy feeling every year and it's the anticipation of school starting and fall coming up along with Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I find fall to be always so busy with the upcoming holidays and school starting -- I just LOVE it. So today I put together a collage of just all the things I want for this fall. I didn't research the fall trends or anything, but these are just all the pieces of clothing that I really want in my wardrobe.

1.) The American Eagle Army Jacket is super cute, but it's priced at $59.95! Yikes. I know. Yeah I'll be stalking the website to see if it's ever gonna go on sale, but for now it's just gonna be on this wishlist.
2.) I'm in desperate need a of a good cross body bag because I've been going out a lot lately and it's going to be my Senior year of high school which means I will probably be going out even more, especially during second semester. I don't actually have a purse that I use... I was basically anti-purse for a while until now. I don't know why I was, but now I really want one now, so I think the target one will be good one for me :)
3.) The chunky cardigan would be so cute with leggings and combat boots!
4.) A chunky sweater for the winter and of course with leggings too!
5.) I was actually a never big fan of high waisted jeans, but now they've grown on me. I actually have a really long torso, so most of my tops come a little bit high. So I always have to make sure I wear it with a cami underneath them, and with some tops it looks a bit awkward with a cami because it's just not meant to be worn with one. So yes a high waisted jeans is a must.
6.) Yes. Tights. Perfect to wear with dresses to be worn in the fall and winter. I have a Forever21 pair and they didn't last very long. Maybe like two uses and there are a bunch of rips. But I heard that the H&M ones are good ;)

xx Annie

Outfit of the Day 7/26/13 (Disclaimer: with bad iPod quality)

This is my outfit on my second day of college visiting. I dressed simple and comfy because today there was a lot of walking. Sorry for the bad quality; it's iPod Touch camera quality. Yeah pretty bad, but I haven't posted in two days so something is better than nothing... Right?  Alright hope you enjoy!


Top: Forever 21
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Sperrys Angel Two-eye

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