Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10 Things Most College Students forget when Packing for College!

1.) Nail Clippers: If you forget these, in a week or two you're probably gonna have to make a trip down to the local drugstore. Save yourself the trip and don't forget to pack these!

2.) Camera Charger: Yes, most of us have smartphones now with pretty decent camera however, its always nice to bring the digital camera/ DSLR camera to document your days in college. Just don't forget the camera charger! It's just as important as the camera itself.

3.) A Book: If you're not a bookworm please just do yourself a favor and bring a book! It's nice to sometimes have some time to yourself and get away from the internet and social networking world now. Bring your favorite book and who knows maybe you're gonna realize that reading is most fun thing ever!

4.) Movies: Besides reading, movies are also a great way to past time! Especially if you're living in a suite style setting. Prop the door open in your suite and let people come hangout and enjoy the movie together. It's a great way to make friends during your freshmen year!

5.) Umbrella: Just imagine it raining cats and dogs outside and you have an 8am class! On top if it you forgot an umbrella! Save yourself this potential awful start to a day and bring an umbrella!

6.) Lightbulbs: So having a light go in the middle of night is not fun right? Trust me not even when you're in your own home its not and you have to go dig for another light bulb. Just bring one extra lightbulb, so that you're not in complete darkness for the night.

7.) DuffelBags/Collapsable Boxes instead of Suitcases: Okay so if you're dorm has limited space, bringing everything in a suitcases is probably not the best option. Just think where are you gonna put those huge suitcases in your tiny room? Unless your parents are gonna take it back with them or theres is more space in your room, the best option is to bring your clothes in duffel bags, so you can easily stuff it away or collapsable boxes. Bring one carry-on suitcase if you have to, so you can travel back home with it on vacation though!

8.) USB/SD Cards: If your computer gets full or you need to back up some important documents bring a USB Flashdrive. Also, don't forget your SD cards if you're bringing your camera!

9.) Printer Paper/ Ink: Printer paper and ink is just as important as the printer itself! You don't want to be finished with your paper just to find that your ran out of paper/ink. Stock up on printer paper and ink, so you can avoid this.

10.) Vanity Mirror/ Full length Mirror: Many dorm rooms most likely won't come with a full length room. It's nice to have one, so you can check your outfit for the day. Also, a vanity mirror is nice so you don't have to share the tiny bathroom mirror with other girls to do your makeup for the day.

Hope this helps! This is my take on what I've heard from family members on college tips and from friends. I'm gonna be going to college in less than a week and I'm super excited!



  1. eyyyohhh looks who's back:):) ya might wanna change your age i had no idea you were still 16 lol


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