Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January Beauty Favorites 2014!

After this cold freezing month in the Northeast, I can finally make a January Favorites!

1.) I've been loving the Clean & Clear morning burst hydrating cleanser and gel moisturizer. They're both refreshing  and they give a clean and hydrating (but not oily) feel after I use them. They both have a cucumber like scent; the cleanser has tiny beads in it (but they're not exfoliating) and the moisturizer is a gel like consistency. The moisturizer is pretty unique for a drugstore product and I'll definitely be repurchasing it because I have super oily skin and it's perfect for it. The cleanser on the other hand is really just any other generic cleanser, but it's good anyways!

2.) Covergirl 3-in-1 Foundation-- I talk about this way too much on this blog, I need to find something else to talk about but I swear I've used a whole lot more this month than any other month because I've been breaking out a whole lot. It might be because I started to work out a lot more and may be because it was my body's way of just releasing all toxins.

3.) Clinique Even Better Concealer: This is pretty old in my collection and I just dug this up to use. (It was one my first makeup products!) Normally I don't use it that much because it's pretty light for my skin tone, but since we're in the deep winter state, I'm pale as ever now. This is great for under eye and small blemishes on certain areas like my cheeks.

4.) Next, are two products I've always mentioned, so I'm just gonna put them together in this one. It's the Elf eyebrow kit in dark and Maybelline 24 Hr. Tattoo in Barely Branded. Both are awesome products. The eyebrow kit is a steal for $3 and the color tattoo is a gorgeous color for this month because it really reminds of the snow.

5.) Physicians Formula Green Concealer: Since I've been breaking out a lot this month, I've used this green concealer to cover up the redness and it really helps with the coverage. I apply this first and use the Covergirl foundation over it. I'll do a more in depth review on this later!

6.) Urban Decay Eyeliner in West: This is one of my first Urban Decay Eyeliners and I'm freaking in love with them. I never understood the hype for these $18 glide on eye pencils, but now I know. During the holiday season, I was able to get the Black Market set of 5 travel sized Urban Decay liners for $24. I thought this as such a great steal! Anyways, I've been loving West which a brown shade with some sparkle in  it!

7.) Maybelline Baby Lips: I don't know where I've been the past few years or so, but I just bought this in the beginning of January. It's super affordable like $3 and it gives a nice sheer color while moisturizing your lips. I can't wait to try out more from this line :)

8.) Bath and Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Lotion and Body Spray: It's a very citrus-y scent with a tiny hint of vanilla. I used this almost all of January :)

9.) Benefit Watts Up Highlighter gives the most gorgeous highlight with a perfect blend of pink and gold!
Hope you enjoyed this!


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