Saturday, January 4, 2014

Update and New Year's Resolution

Hiiiii to whoever's reading :) I haven't posted anything in a while so I don't think anybody will actually read this post. I know I haven't posted anything in a super duper long time (since September). Eeek. I'm sorry. I don't have that many readers, so when I stopped I didn't think it would really matter, but it makes this blog look bad because there is a huge gap of nothing in the end of 2013. Well, I plan on restarting my blog up this year by making it a goal to post at least once a week. See, I'm a Senior in high school, so the beginning of the year was pretty bad with school work and college apps. But I got into one of my top choice of colleges last month, so I just have to keep up my grades for the rest of my year. To be honest, I'm still not very gung-ho on blogging, but it's nice to write stuff down and pretend to believe that ACTUAL people are reading it. Sometimes I go back and read my blog posts and see a bunch of grammatical errors and I kick myself for not proof reading. Welp I'm going to try this year! (after this post) Anyways I'm going to start my first post of the year with my resolutions! As you already know my first one is keeping up with this blog.
 1.) Post once a week (and proof read!)
2.) Get Healthy! - I know most people probably have a lot of "lose weight" on their resolution. I've always had that on my resolutions and it never goes well. This year I'm going to try just being healthier and losing weight should just come with it. That means I will really try to incorporate healthier foods into my diet and also try to exercise more. Once I get into the swing of things with this "Get Healthier" lifestyle, I'll be sure to post on this blog!
3.) Run once a week - this goes with my goal above. I make it a resolution to run once a week, because I don't want this list to be impossible. I definitely will try to run more than once a week, but I always tend to lost the rhythm of things if I set my goals to high. So it's best to set it low and aim high. If I'm having a lazy week, running at least once that week is better than not running at all :)
4.) No Soda. Yep. No soda. Shocking? I find myself more of a food than drink person. I'd rather eat my calories than drink them. I was never a big soda person to begin with, but I would drink if it was in the house or if was out eating. Now, I've decided to cut soda out, because honestly there's nothing in soda that's good for you and it's best to cut it out.
 5.) Be confident. I have a very low self esteem and I'd really like to have more confidence. I always picture everything I do is not good, and anybody who does it is probably better than me. So I'd really like to be more confident this year!
 6.) Take pictures!! It's my senior year and I really can't fathom leaving my friends that I've known since kindergarten. I can't imagine not seeing them on a daily basis, and only being able to see them a few times a year after that! I'm going to a mess at graduation. So, to keep my memories alive, I want to take as much pictures as I can with my friends, and document the rest of the 6 months I have with them!


  1. I am reading! haha Well done on getting into college :-D I try and proof read..but it is such a bore ha Great resolutions, I need to be healthier also! I look forward to reading your future posts :-) x

    1. thanks for reading it! im thinking about a 2013 favorites for my next blog post :)


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