Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reveiw: Elf Essential Duo Cream Eyeshadows

Hi Guys!
Today I'm reviewing a really old product for me and these are the Elf essentials duo cream shadows.  I've had these for almost a year now and you can tell that I barely ever use them. So first off the price these are only a $1. They're from the Elf essentials line and everything from that line I believe is only a buck. Okay so the two colors you see above are Berry Mix (Left) and Mocha Swirl (Right). 

Berry Mix 

Mocha Swirl

Side by side view

Okay so here's what I think about these products. The pigmentation is pretty good. Berry mix takes a little bit longer to swatch, but it's okay. As mocha swirl the brown is REALLY pigmented and so is the champagne color. If I had to choose between these to mocha swirl would be my favorite. Anyways lasting capability? Not so great. These products don't exactly dry, it just stays creamy. So it will defininitely come off. If you set it with an eyeshadow it might stay on a little longer, but because they are so creamy I think it would just smudge the entire eye look. I'm not sure about creasing because my monolids never have creasing issues, but I'm almost positive that these shadows will. Would I buy these again? Probably not. I think theses cream shadows would be good for maybe someone in middle school is just starting out, because you still do get color, but really I don't think they're something you should buy. 


Not long wearing
Smells kind of like crayons
Creases (Pretty sure)

Hope you find this helpful!



  1. love these colours! i think your blog's great so I just nominated your the liebster award, go check it out on my blog! :) x

    1. ahhh thanks so much becca!! I just got home and i'll definitely be doing the tag right away!! I really appreciate it :)

  2. Great post! I just followed you on bloglovin'. I really love brown eyeshadows, I wear them almost every day.

    Sarah x

  3. Can't really go wrong for how cheap they are!
    Never seen these before either. Definitely on the verge of placing a massive elf order!! xx

    Rachael |

    1. Elf is such a hit and miss! but they do have great products! I really love their eyelid primer and lip glosses!


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