Friday, August 23, 2013

Back To School Shoes!

I don't know about you but I have a slight obsession with shoes. Over the years I've accumulated a lot of shoes since my feet stopped growing in 8th grade. Anyways these are just the normal everyday shoes that I think you should own for school! They go with anything! Converse, Toms, Sperrys, and Oxfords!

The black converse is definitely a staple! Do you guys want to know a fun fact? Well those black converse weren't mine to begin with. They were actually my brother's! He only wore them for a few months until he grew out of them, since he's in his growth spurt now. So he just gave them to me! At the time we were the same shoe size. I wear the black converse a lot more than the green ones because they're a lot easier to match. The other pair to the left is also converse brand but it's not the normal kind. It's kind of like a knock off version of vans! I love them too anyways; they were on sale for like $30 and I had a $15 dollar off coupon so I basically bought them for $15!

Toms! I love toms! I own two pairs. They are soo comfy and perfect for everyday just like converse. They're so easy to slip on and just run out the door on with. I have the chambray and snow leopard version. Personally I like wearing the snow leopard in the winter because I find it easier to match outfits with and I like wearing the chambray one in the summer! The reason why I don't like wearing the chambray one in the winter is because I basically live in jeans in the winter and I don't like the look of jean on jean. But this year I'm gonna be on the look for some black skinny jeans and more leggings so I can wear them!

Sperrys! Who doesn't love sperrys? I have the Angelfish version in the tweed kind I think. I kind of want the normal version, but they're super expensive :/ But I must say they're such good quality. I've had this pair for two years and the soles don't look worn out at all.

Oxfords! Aren't these oxfords cute? I got them Necessary Clothing for $16 They are the cutest pair ever. The cutouts make it so classy. I know these shoes are more spring, but they're a good transitioning piece for the Fall! I do wear them occasionally with dresses in the winter with tights too. The only problem is is that my toes get frozen since there are cutouts in them.

Thanks for reading!

Oh and sorry for that these pics are kind of terrible especially the last three. I accidentally took these pics on "tungsten" setting when really it should have been daytime. I had to mess around with the lighting while editing. I was also in a hurry while taking these pics so some of them aren't even in focus. Yeah not my best work :/

Next time I'll do better! Pinky promise! I think I'll make a future post for Fall boots! Let me know if you'd be interested!



  1. Really good choices :) Black converse are for sure my most-worn shoes


  2. I love this post! Have to say, I'm a fan!

    Followed you on bloglovin!

    Katie xo


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