Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Products I Regret Buying

These are a few products that I bought that I totally regret buying. Some I know are super popular and have been raved about, but they just don't work on me. Anyways hope you guys find this helpful!

The Elf Little Black Beauty Book (Warm Edition)

I bought the Little Black Beauty Book (Warm Edition)  from MacBarbie07's little mention about it from one of her favorites video. I decided to buy it since it was only $5. Little did I know that the shadows are super chalky and not very pigmented.  As you can see from the photo above, the pigmentation isn't that great. 

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Too Cool 

This is a Maybelline 24 Hour Dream Tattoo in Too Cool.  I actually love this collection especially the colors Barely Branded and Bad to the Bronze, but the color Too Cool is just way to sparkly for me. The glitter is really chunky and it's not flattering on my eyes. You might be able to pull it off for maybe a crazy party or something, but for me this glitz is just too much. 

Maybelline Falsied Flared and Original 

So here is the Maybelinne Falsies Flared Mascara. I've tried the original one too, but I really don't like both. Whenever I apply it on, my eyes start stingy like crazy and my eyes water up. Maybe there's something in the formula that I'm allergic to. I thought I bought a bad bottle tube or something, so I went out and tried the Flared version and still my eyes stung. Although, it did length my lashes, it was the stinging that I just couldn't deal with. 

Elf Translucent Mattifying Powder 

The Elf Translucent Mattifying Powder was only $3 but the powder doesn't work at all. It's suppose to be Translucent, but really when you apply it on it leaves a small white cast on your face which isn't attractive at all. This is a definitely a regret for me, but I do like the big compact sized mirror! 



  1. thanks for sharing! I was thinking about getting a maybelline colour tattoo, which shade do you recommend? xx

    1. I recommend getting the color barely branded or bad to the bronze! Theyre my absolute favorite colors :)

  2. Bad to the Bronze is definitely a favorite! That and Tough as Taupe. I like to wear it with MAC's Satin Taupe. Such a pretty combination.


    1. thanks for the suggestions!
      I'll definitely try it out soon :0


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