Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How I Wax My Brows!

 Waxing your brows can really rack up your bill if you do it all the time. I've been doing my own brows forever and I've never gotten them professionally done. I never had anyone to take me to get it professionally done and also I really don't trust anybody with them too. I just taught my self how to shape my brows with the help of YouTube of course. I've watched a bunch of Youtube videos before I started. When I first started out waxing my brows I was really scared, but I took baby steps. That way if I made any mistakes it wouldn't be that noticeable. The tutorial was from SMLxo, but I think she deleted her video, but of course the beauty queen of Youtube, Michelle Phan, has one!

Okay, so I first started out by just waxing the bottom. I wasn't comfortable with waxing the top of my brows until a year later, so the point is is to take your time! Just start out slowly, so you don't make any big mistakes because you really don't want to when doing your brows. After all the brows frame your face!  
So here's a little more in depth tutorial on how I do my brows.

1.) I first take the small sized strip from the box and cut it in half. This size is the perfect size for when ever I need to do my brows. The other two sizes that come in the box, I always after to cut around a little to make it fit my brows. 
2.) Anyways, so take the half piece you just cut and shape it in the arch of your brow from the bottom. 
3.) I like heating the wax strips by using a blow dryer for about 15 sec. because if you rub it with you hands when the strips are cut, the wax oozes out and it creates a big sticky mess. I also find heating it between your hands before and cutting after loses a lot of the heat and it won't stick as well. 
4.) Then I apply it underneath the arch of my eyebrow and rip it in the opposite direction.
5.) I use the remaining strips that just so happen to be in the perfect size for my top brows and repeat the same process. However, with the other sizes in the box, I have to make do and cut a little more. 
6.) You will have some hairs that didn't come out, so you will have to tweeze some.
7.) Then apply the finishing oil to soothe the skin! 
Hope you find this helpful!

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