Friday, July 19, 2013

Cheap INEXPENSIVE Primer! Dupe for Benefit's Porefessional Primer?!?!?!


The Monistat chafing relief powder gel is actually great as a face primer! Primers tend to be really expensive like the Benefit Porefessionals ($28). However, this one is at most $10 from CVS. I'm sure it's cheaper else where because my CVS is known to be pretty pricey compared to other stores. Anyways this chafing gel really makes my foundation stay on all day.  The Monistat primer is a transulcent white gel and once you rub it in it fades into a powder form. The smell is little funky (kind of chemically), but I swear you won't notice it once you put it on your face. The Benefit one smells a little floral and it's a nice beige cream color. I've tried the Benefit one and it is great, but the price isn't so great though. I used the Benefit one for prom and it literally lasted all night and day, through the sweat and humidity and on top of that my oily skin. The Benefit primer is good, but really paying $30 for a face primer isn't. 
I used the Monistat primer for school, and let me tell you my face get's pretty dang oily through the day. My skin is uber oily and get's really annoying when I can feel the film of slick across my cheek when my fingers happen to brush pass my cheek in the afternoon. When I don't use primer, my foundation and concealer fades away. But when I used my monistat primer, my foundation stayed in place! I DO still get oily with it, but not as much if i didn't use it. In terms of staying power compared to the Benefit Porefessional, I think the Benefit one is a little better, but for school purposes it good for the 8 hours. It may not cut it for 12 hours lets say during prom, but for school it's good. So my advice? Buy the Monistat Chafing Powder Gel it works pretty well for my oily skin and for those who have dry skin it will probably work even better for you!! (It would probably be up to par with the Benefit Porefessional then)

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