Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aspirin Mask

Hey Everybody!

I am sure you guys all have heard of the asprin mask before. Right? Well if you haven't today I will be going to show you how and it is by far the most effective acne treatment that I have ever used on my face. It's so easy, quick, and inexpensive!!! All you need is aspirin, honey, and water! 

Step 1:

Take 3 tablets of aspirin. You may use the powder version of aspirin as well but I personally find it easier to use the tablet forms WITHOUT the coating. The aspirin I'm using is just the generic CVS brand and it works great. Only 99 cents!!

Step 2:

Place the 3 tablets in your palm and drop some water one at a time just enough to break the aspirin into a powder formation. While you are dripping a drops of water, use your index finger to apply pressure to tablets to break them apart The reason why I find the tablets to be easier than the powder form is because there's no hassle to pour the powder out. You jut take 3 tablets drip a few drops of water and voila you're ready for the next step!

Step 3:

Once the tablets are now in powder form in your palm, take your honey and squeeze about a dollop onto your palm. 

Step 4:

MIX! And apply to your face. For me I sometimes just apply it to my T-zone because that's all I ever really break out. So, if you want just apply it to certain areas of your face where you break out. But for me, I usually apply it all over and leave it on as a mask. I leave the mask on for about 20-45 min. It depends on what I'm doing. But when it's time to rinse off, I use this mask as an exfoliation as well! The aspirin bits and pieces act as an exfoliator and the honey moisturizes your face at the same time. So yupp this seriously works and you will definitely notice that this treatment works. Hopefully it works just as good as it does for me. ENJOY!!

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